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Guiding & cheering on families on the path to reunification.


Wrapping around families on the front lines of foster care.


Encouraging collaboration & being the center point for foster care.

strengthening families.

Michigan Fosters believes that all families matter. Driven by this core belief and our mission to help reunify families, this non-profit organization focuses on fortifying relationships at every level within the foster care system 

Through collaboration with local agencies and organizations, we strive to strengthen families by supporting parents of children in care. Together, we work to bring healing to foster children and their parents, both of whom have experienced trauma. We also lend encouragement and a listening ear to the foster families who accept the challenge of this exceptional work. By being the centerpoint for our foster care community, we promote a team-initiative while championing our common goals.  

It is often said that the system is broken, but Michigan Fosters knows that within this system, there are many working pieces which function best only in cooperation. We see the dedication and hard work that families, staff and volunteers pour out of themselves on a daily basis, and we work to ensure that this precious time is not wasted.  

Michigan Fosters steps in to serve as a bridge between the multiple parties that exist within the foster care system. We do this because we believe that families are worth saving. They are worth fighting for, and we stand beside all those brave individuals on the front lines of foster care working to put these families back together.  


welcome home.

Holland, Michigan

Journey Home, fittingly located at the corner of 8th & Hope in Holland opened in March of 2021.  This home is a safe stop for families who are on their foster care journey and a place of comfort to children on their journey home.

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